Best Gift Ideas For Her That Are Under £30

You already know this, but it needs to be said: You don't necessarily *need* a special occasion to get the women in your life a present! But just in case her birthday or an anniversary is coming up, you might find this list invaluable. Here are 3 gift ideas under £30.


1. Single Infinity Rose from Con Amore Roses.  

Gone are the days where you have to throw away beautiful roses after a week. Con Amore roses are real roses that last for years; making them the ideal floral gift that will leave a lasting impact. The single boxes are between £21-24 depending on the finish of the box. 


2. Luxe Pure Silk Hair Scrunchie from Nice Cream London.

Created with 25 Momme Mulberry Silk, these luxe scrunchies are designed to protect the hair from breaking, whilst also looking extremely glamorous! They come in a variety of colours and cost £25


3. Scented Candles from Neom.

Neom have made a name for themselves by creating gorgeous scented candles. These travel size candles are £16 and will create a sense of calm.